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Welcome to the offical page of Ryan Zamo! Keep up with all things Ryan Zamo and more! 

Finally, my MTV "Copycat" episode airs tomorrow!  

   Hey guys! The episode of the singing show I was on airs tomorrow!!! Make sure to check yo boy outttt "CopyCat" is a singing show where singers try to copy their favorite artists =]
   I also have been SUPER busy with my new company I started "Z Skin Cosmetics", it is an all natural, 100% organic affordable skin care line, that has been proven to be more successful than any of those expensive products! You can check out my products on the company website Z-Skin-Cosmetics.Com
  I also released a new CD on iTunes, with songs that didn't quite make the cut on my first and third albums, so I hope you guys go and download ittttt!!! Heres the links for everything:

copycat episodes-

Z Skin Cosmetics-

My newest album-

Singing out!
Ryan Zamo

Help fund my new album please :) 

I've been picked up by Delaney McGill (Sean Kingston, the game, brandy) and we are working to finish my third album. Please help me achieve the funds to finalize it!!

I love you all!
Ryan Zamo

Movie premiere  

Hey guys! Went to the premiere of "Ganzfield Haunting"last night. Such a great movie make sure to go check it out!! I'll also post some red carpet photos from it too :) hope you're all doing well!

signing out,
ryan zamo

More free downloads!  

Hey guys! I released a compilation of all my favorite tracks I've recorded, for the free download, go to:

it also includes a few tracks from my 3rd album!! So let me know what you guys think!

signing out,
ryan zamo

Checking in :) 

Hey guys!! I got to see the press pre release of the movie Labor Day today, it was amazing!!!! Also, here's another interview I did with another magazine :)

signing out
Ryan Zamo 

Its been busy!! 

Hey guys!
    I just got done recording my album "Unstoppable", the third studio album! I was also on a new MTV singing show, which I can not disclose at the moment, but will let you guys know AS SOON AS I CAN!!
   I will be releasing the title track Unstoppable on Feb 25th! Im thinking about giving you guys a little sneak peak of it to get your insight! Im in hip hop classes getting my groove on, hoping to bring you guys one hell of a show this summer on tour! I just got a copy of an interview I did with Vent Magazine, so check it out! Im on page 104 =] I think thats it for now, thanks so much for all your support I truly appreciate it <3 

Click Here To Read It! ---->  Vents Magazine

Signing Out,
Ryan Zamo 

Happy New Year! 

Hope your holidays went well! I currently am in my final semester at CSULA as a TV/FILM major, and am continuing to work on my new album that I will hopefully be releasing by March! I got singed to Global Talent Agency for tv/film/commerical/print/music ! So hopefully this year will bring me lots of prosper and success. Anyway, thats all I have for now, hope to hear from you all soon!

Signing out, 
Ryan Zamo 

Thank you all!!! 

I have made it to the top 40 on reverb nation! Thank you guys so much for all your support! I got a call from the agency I met with and they wanna sign me!!! Yippie! I'm in NJ for the holidays and wish you all a merry christmas and a happy new year :)

signing out
ryan zamo

Hello :) 

It's been a hectic few days getting settled back down in LA! But I finished another new single "locked up" for my EP that's coming out early 2014, so keep an eye out for it. Other than that I met with an agency today which will hopefully represent my music and acting. I hope you all have a great holiday and happy new years! I'll post soon :)

signing out
ryan zamo

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